Prevail® Youth Protective Underwear, Extra Absorbency

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Prevail® Youth Protective Underwear Small, 20" to 34" Waist, Extra Absorbency, Pull-on and Pull-off Design

Prevail® Protective Underwear with Extra and Super Absorbency features a pull on and off design that allows the wearer to put on and take off like regular underwear for added convenience and discretion. It is made of a soft, breathable, outer fabric that is more comfortable for the wearer and reduces the risk of skin irritation.

  • Prevail® Protective Underwear is latex-free and fits a wide range of wearers with a silky, soft, outer fabric that provides a softer and even more comfortable fit, just like regular underwear.
  • Pull them up and wear like normal underwear.
  • Advanced core design and fast absorbing, blue, stay-dry strip significantly improves skin dryness and reduces the potential for leakage, providing improved odor control, healthier skin and additional wearer comfort.
  • Ventilated waist panels allow air to freely migrate improving skin health and comfort by reducing heat build up.
  • Easy, pull-on and pull-off design.
  • Comfortable waist panel gives a close, discreet fit.
  • Designed for both urinary and bowel incontinence.
  • Color coded band designates back of underwear and size.
  • Stretchable waistband.

Available Options:
  • Small 20" - 34" (Case of 88) - select
    Model: FQPV511
    Weight: 10.25 LB
    Shipping Dimensions: 15.44 X 12.53 X 11.37 w
  • Small 20" - 34" (Package of 22) - select
    Model: FQPV511
    Weight: 2.56 LB
    Shipping Dimensions: 10 X 8 X 8 w
  • Package of 22
  • Case of 88


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Prevail Youth Protective Underwear Small 20" - 34"
Manufacturer: First Quality
Item #: FQPV511