Andover Co-Flex® UBZ Zinc Two Layer Compression Bandage Kit, with Medicated Foam

By: Andover Healthcare Inc

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Co-Flex® TLC Zinc combines the cleanliness, adaptive compression and ease-of-use of a two-layer compression bandage with the soothing skin medication of an Unna Boot. This medicated two-layer solutions provides consistent compression and also add soothing calamine which is designed to treat patients with multiple wounds or other skin conditions.

  • For patients with an ABI≥0.5.
  • Kit includes nylon stocking to use over the top of the system for easy in movement.
  • Layer 1 is a medicated foam comfort roll impregnated with Zinc to soothe the skin and promote healing.
  • Layer 2 is a non-latex moisture-resistant cohesive compression bandage that sticks directly to the first layer delivering a low-profile medicated compression system.
  • Applies as easily and cleanly as a dry foam first layer without the Unna Boot mess.
  • Lightweight and low-profile.
  • No indentation or skin breakdown.
  • Easy-to-wear in any clothing or footwear.
  • Non-slip.
  • Itch control.
  • Layer 1: 4" x 6yd.
  • Layer 2: 4" x 7yd.



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CoFlex UBZ Zinc Two Layer Compression with Medicated Zinc Foam

Manufacturer: Andover Healthcare Inc
Item #: ANC8840UBZTN